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By J. Benjamin Hurlbut, Hava Tirosh-Samuelson

Humans have continuously imagined larger futures. From the need to beat dying to the aspiration to dominion over the realm, imaginations of the technological destiny demonstrate the commitments, values, and norms of these who build them. at the present time, the human destiny is thrown into query via rising applied sciences that promise radical regulate over human lifestyles and elicit corollary imaginations of human perfectibility. This interdisciplinary quantity assembles students of technological know-how and expertise reports, sociology, philosophy, theology, ethics, and historical past to ascertain imaginations of technological development that provides to go beyond the limitations of human physique and being. Attending particularly to transhumanist and posthumanist visions, the quantity breaks new floor via exploring their utopian and eschatological dimensions and situating them inside of a broader context of principles, associations, and practices of innovation. the amount invitations experts and normal readers to discover the stakes of latest imaginations of technological innovation as a resource of development, a strength of social and ancient transformation, and because the defining essence of human life.

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