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The very center of the accomplice combating unit was once its flag, which got here in numerous designs and colors. The flag was once the rallying aspect at the box of conflict and it marked the unit headquarters in camp. In 1865, on the war's end, the furling of the defeated accomplice banners signalled the tip of that episode in heritage. because the first of 3 books targeting flags of the Civil warfare (1861-1865), Philip Katcher's textual content presents an in depth inspect accomplice flags. complete color illustrations and infrequent pictures painting the myriad diversifications of flags used to symbolize the seceding southern states.

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With a bright smile on his face, when he was struck on the forehead and instantly killed. He did not seem to fall, but sat down on a log, and his head fell back against a tree, with its full expression of the 'gaudium certaminis' on his face. After the surrender at Appomattox two officers of the Federal army, one a surgeon, told me he had been honorably buried and his grave marked. The surgeon said he had never seen so beautiful a corpse; that the color and smile were still on his face and he was sitting as he was left as if in repose, and with hardly a stain of blood or earth upon his person.

I die with full confidence in my God. " <><><><><><><><><><><><> Jimmy Moore Colonel Pate, of the Fifth Virginia Cavalry, was killed in battle on the mountain road near Richmond. Little Jimmy Moore, his orderly, only sixteen years old, rode in under a storm of bullets and brought the body out. With the assistance of another man he took it into Dr. Shepherd's house, and had only time to pin a piece of paper with his name upon it to the breast when the enemy charged into the yard. , December 24, 1845.

Page 8 Contents Page Introduction 13 An Old "Gray Coat" of "Tan Color" 177 Another "Youngest Soldier" 181 Battle, Augusta's 127 "Baylor's Boys" 165 Beall, Henry D. 222 Beasley, Peter R. 194 Berkeley, Carter 71 Boag, Edward, an English Boy 73 Bowly, William Hollins 146 Boy from Bee's Brigade 193 Boys of Cane Hill College 208 Braddock, Charles L. 147 Bradley, Randolph 202 Brave Boy's Answer, A. 37 Brooke, Francis Taliaferro 126 Brother Against Brother 54 Bush, T. G. 178 Cabell, William H. 28 Can't Leave if the Battle is to Begin 175 Claiborne, T.

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