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By Xavier Freixas; Jean Charles Rochet

Los autores realizan un análisis exhaustivo y actualizado de las teorías microeconómicas de los angeles intermediación financiera. Este estudio consigue ser a los angeles vez riguroso y ameno. Hace tiempo que hacía falta un libro como éste, que debería ser de lectura obligatoria,

Teoría y Política Monetaria - UNCP

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The most influential of the small handful of innovation experts who really matter is Clayton Christensen, a soft-spoken Harvard professor with some hard-hitting ideas. In his best-selling book The Innovator’s Dilemma, he argued that there are two different kinds of technological invention that drive businesses. The most common are “sustaining technologies,” which lead to incremental improvements to products and services that sustain the business models of incumbents and preserve the status quo.

One could argue that the question itself is irrelevant; it’s always a bit of both. Perhaps, but occasionally humanity also reaches inflection points in history when the decisions people make, as individuals and together as societies, propel the species decisively in one direction or another. This is one of those inflection points. There have been occasional periods of history when peace and progress brought tremendous prosperity (think Pax Romana and the Victorian age of invention) or when death and destruction doomed unfortunates to lives of grinding misery (as during the Dark Ages and the Great War).

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