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When Rodgers turned back to look out the front window, he could see the driver had lost control going around a curve. The bus plunged down a hill, and tree limbs started breaking the windshield glass. Rodgers slid down to the floor. When the bus struck a final tree and crashed, Rodgers suffered a broken knee, a smashed elbow, two broken ribs, and a broken wrist. Several other members of the team were also injured, though none as seriously as Rodgers. Players aboard Bus 2 arrived within minutes to help.

Page 43 Swept Away The New York Yankees had just defeated the California Angels in the fourth game of a four-game series, thus completing a series "sweep," as it is called. As reporters crowded about his locker, Yankee outfielder Claudell Washington held up a good-luck charm that he said had helped the New York team to achieve its sweep. It was a ragged- Page 44 looking broom with a long handle. Washington said that a Yankee clubhouse attendant had given the broom to him. "This broom is for four-game sweeps," he said.

Many tennis superstitions involve balls. Dick Stockton, once one of the pro game's top ten players, refused to use the same ball after he had served a fault or a let. "I had to punish that ball by not using it," Stockton said. S. Girls' champion Lisa Bonder, if she won a point, liked to use the same ball for the next point. But her chief superstitions concerned clothing and food. If she had a good tournament, Bonder would wear the same outfits during the next tournament. And when she was playing well, she always ate the same breakfasta toasted bagel with jam, and hot chocolate with extra whipped cream.

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