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By Valerie Polakow

Denmark is without doubt one of the so much revolutionary nations by way of kinfolk help regulations. This booklet, even though, unearths a backdrop of lowered rights, inequalities and kinfolk violence within the lives of weak lone moms. if so in Denmark, what's the scenario in different nations, together with the us, the united kingdom and different ecu member states? decreased rights is a special qualitative learn that files the day-by-day lives of weak lone moms and their young children in Denmark. lack of rights, gender and ethnic inequality, and kin violence all become key issues, with far-reaching overseas implications. The booklet: *· provides shiny case tales to light up the voices and reports of the ladies excited about the examine *· identifies lone moms as a part of an rising post-modern underclass in Denmark *· highlights the tense incidence of household violence that pervades many lone moms' lives *· increases questions round criminal and baby custody rights and the inability of redress in a patriarchal justice process. coverage and perform strategies are made with wide-ranging purposes for a world viewers of coverage makers, practitioners and lecturers.

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00 am…. ” Hanne’s budget is extremely tight, and she often finds it impossible to balance her expenses against her earnings. At night when her boys are sleeping Hanne spends an hour or two making decorations out of dried flowers. She sells them for a little extra income at Christmas time. This summer, for the first time, Hanne and her children have been invited by a private organization to take a oneweek summer holiday together. But another private organization that has given Hanne food for her Christmas dinner for several years could not do so recently because the number of applicants had risen, and preference was given to lone mothers living on social assistance; hence once again Hanne experiences the double disadvantages of being a low-wage earner.

Many international research studies indicate that education is a decisive factor influencing women’s attachment to the labour market. The employment percentage is considerably lower for women who do not have an education than for women who do. This difference applies whether women have or do not have children, or whether they live alone or with a partner. However, lack of education seems to hit younger lone mothers particularly hard. Lone mothers, 20-29 years, without an education, compose the group which, out of all the groups of women, have the lowest rate of employment, the highest rate of unemployment, and the greatest percentage of women outside the labour force.

This was a very traumatic period of Gina’s adolescence: “My mother has done things that I am not proud of ... they were always on drugs and drinking and everything, and it was horrible. …” “I don’t remember very much of that time ... it was such a bad time. I think that is also why I go to the psychologist, just to remember, because I need to open up ... … When I was there with my sister, he didn’t touch her, he was after me”. When the man began molesting Gina and she fought him back, she told her mother, but her mother failed to respond and protect her daughter: “And I tried to tell my mother and she would smack me and say, ‘Don’t tell me this kind of nonsense’.

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