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By Marcelo Epstein

Differential Geometry bargains a concise creation to a few easy notions of contemporary differential geometry and their functions to stable mechanics and physics.

Concepts equivalent to manifolds, teams, fibre bundles and groupoids are first brought inside of a in basic terms topological framework. they're proven to be proper to the outline of space-time, configuration areas of mechanical structures, symmetries quite often, microstructure and native and far-off symmetries of the constitutive reaction of continuing media.

Once those principles were grasped on the topological point, the differential constitution wanted for the outline of actual fields is brought by way of differentiable manifolds and important body bundles. those mathematical options are then illustrated with examples from continuum kinematics, Lagrangian and Hamiltonian mechanics, Cauchy fluxes and dislocation theory.

This publication could be beneficial for researchers and graduate scholars in technology and engineering.

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A maximal atlas, thus, contains all its compatible atlases. 2 (Differentiable manifold). An n-dimensional differentiable manifold of class C k is an n-dimensional topological manifold M together with a maximal atlas of class C k . For k D 0 one recovers the topological manifold. The C 1 case delivers a smooth manifold, or simply a manifold. A maximal C k -atlas is also called a C k -differentiable structure. Thus, a C -manifold is a topological manifold with a C k -differentiable structure. For the particular case M D Rn , we can choose the canonical atlas consisting of a single chart (the space itself) and the identity map.

Alternative notations for this map are: Df and Tf , and it is also known as the tangent map. p/, and not just to any vector in T N . 46 3 Differential Constructs It is, therefore, a fibre-preserving map. 15) where M and N are the projection maps of T M and T N , respectively. p/. x 1 ; : : : ; x n / is the coordinate representation of f in the given Á @f ˛ is the Jacobian matrix at p of charts. The (m n)-matrix with entries i @x p the map f in the chosen coordinate systems. The rank of the Jacobian matrix is independent of the coordinates used.

In the terminology of Sect. 4, a vector field is a (smooth) cross section of the tangent bundle T M. 2 The Lie Bracket If V is a (smooth) vector field on a manifold M and f W M ! R is a smooth function, then the map: Vf W M ! 22) p 7! 23) defined as: is again a smooth map. It assigns to each point p 2 M the directional derivative of the function f in the direction of the vector field at p. In other words, a vector field assigns to each smooth function another smooth function. Vf / W M ! 24) gives rise to a legitimate smooth function h on M.

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