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By Fred Mellender

Meant for the skilled C# programmer, this publication provides an easy object-oriented interface to the various vintage combinatorial and graph looking algorithms. No past adventure with those is critical. one of the themes mentioned are:
Depth-first Search
Breadth-first Search
Alpha/Beta Pruning
Dynamic Programming
Simulated Annealing

Many solved problems/applications are awarded, including:
Traveling Salesman
2-Person video game Tree

The resource code and set of rules library can be found for download.

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To help you with that, we will work another problem. This one looks more like a graph at the outset, but it has a wrinkle that we glossed over in the 8-queens puzzle. Let’s represent a maze as a system of caves and passages, and associate a graph with it. We will use this to figure out how to write a program that can let us escape from the cave. 5 shows our maze of caves. 40 3 Depth First Search Design Patterns for Searching in C# Figure 3-5. 5 is a graph. The nodes are caves; the edges are tunnels between caves.

This kind of RDP is rather simple to construct if you don’t mind “hard coding” the rules in this way. But then it will work only for a specific grammar; if the rules of the grammar change, then it will be hard to modify the parser. Our RDP will take a set of rules as input. It does not embed them in the parser and will thus work for many grammars without recoding. It should be 3 Depth First Search 49 Design Patterns for Searching in C# mentioned, however, that only certain kinds of grammars can be parsed by any RDP.

Distinguish root nodes as the initial step in a solution to the problem. View a path from a root node to some other node as a partial solution (that may or may not lead to a complete solution). Conceptually, the graph contains all possible solutions and non-solutions. A complete solution will be represented as a path from some root node to some terminal node. Application context will determine the meaning of the nodes along the way. DFS will explore the graph moving down the graph toward the solution, backtracking when no further progress can be made on the current path.

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