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By Dorian Cirrone

Kayla by no means fairly considered her double Ds as "problem breasts." It made them sound like young children who would not behave. Kayla Callaway has prima ballerina grace and anything else that the majority ballerinas should not have: a whole determine. Her center is determined on a destiny in dance. regrettably, her proportions simply bought her forged as an unpleasant stepsister in Florida Arts excessive School's construction of Cinderella. Kayla's unhappiness makes her a major suspect while the dance troupe gets a string of threatening messages.

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You’re my understudy,” she screamed. ” I threw my arms around Lourdes and hugged her. ” The voice behind us was unmistakably Joey’s. Lourdes quickly broke away from me and performed a deep curtsey toward him. “My prince has come,” she said. 47 Joey, who’s normally cool about these things, jumped up and grabbed both of us. ” he yelled. ” I shouted to Lourdes over the noise. I figured if I was Cinderella’s understudy, I was sure to get one of the four solo parts— Summer, Winter, Spring, or Fall.

I began to wonder if maybe I was bulimic and just didn’t know it. I racked my mind to think of the last time I’d vomited. There was that time in eighth grade that I ate a bad corn dog in the school cafeteria and lost it all over Nicky McNerny during last period and, before that, in fourth grade, when I woke up with a stomach virus and threw up in my bed. That didn’t seem like enough times to qualify as bulimia. In fact, vomiting was something I found really disgusting, not anything I’d do voluntarily or on a regular basis.

Melissa smiled her famous fake smile. ” I glared at her, then spun around and started toward homeroom. This time I really did want to barf, not because of Melissa’s nastiness, but because of my own. A part of me did want Lourdes to get just a little bit sick. What was the point in learning the part of Cinderella if all I was going to do in the whole ballet was some caricature part? Not only that—I wasn’t just a stepsister, I was an ugly stepsister. 49 I went through most of the morning trying to concentrate on things like variables and the scientific revolution, but all I could think about was the ballet.

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