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By Paul D. Chan, Christopher R. Winkle

Gynecology and Obstetrics for either inpatients and outpatients is featured during this renowned booklet. It emphasizes prognosis and administration of universal problems tht ensue in girls.

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Exam ination of endometrial tissue. For pregnant patients desiring termination, and for those patients in whom it can be demonstrated that the pregnancy is nonviable, suction curettage with immediate histologic examination of the curettings is a diagnostic option. The presence of chorionic villi confirms the diagnosis of intrauterine pregnancy, whereas the absence of such villi indicates ectopic pregnancy. Management of the ectopic gestation Two IV catheters of at least 18 gauge should be pl aced and 1-2 L of normal saline infused.

Menstruation is caused by estrogen and progesterone withdrawal. C. Abnormal bleeding is defined as bleeding that occurs at intervals of less than 21 days, more than 36 days, lasting longer than 7 days, or blood loss greater than 80 mL. II. Clinical evaluation of abnormal vaginal bleeding A. A menstrual and reproductive history should include last menstrual period, regularity, duration, frequency; the number of pads used per I. 46 Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding B. C. III. A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. day, and intermenstrual bleeding.

Acute appendicitis should be considered in all patients presenting with acute pelvic pain and a negative pregnancy test. Appendicitis is characterized by leukocytosis and a history of a few hours of periumbilical pain followed by migration of the pain to the right lower quadrant. Neutrophilia occurs in 75%. 3°C, nausea, vomiting, anorexia, and rebound tenderness may be present. C. Torsion of the adnexa usually causes unilateral pain, but pain can be bilateral in 25%. Intense, progressive pain combined with a tense, tender adnexal mass is characteristic.

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