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By Yu.I. Manin

Due to the fact this booklet used to be first released in English, there was very important development in a few similar themes. the category of algebraic forms with reference to the rational ones has crystallized as a traditional area for the equipment constructed and expounded during this quantity. For this revised version, the unique textual content has been left intact (except for a couple of corrections) and has been cited thus far by means of the addition of an Appendix and up to date references.The Appendix sketches essentially the most crucial new effects, structures and concepts, together with the suggestions of the Luroth and Zariski difficulties, the idea of the descent and obstructions to the Hasse precept on rational kinds, and up to date functions of K-theory to mathematics.

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1) x ~ ~ = {~ E 2 : = { x E X : x and x and ~incident} ~ incident} .

X-ray Transforms. The Range of the d-plane Transform Let d be a fixed integer in the range 0 < d Radon transform f -t by 1 (52) f 0, lxlm f(x) and lxlmg(x) are bounded on JRn. Assume for the d-dimensional Radon transforms whenever the d-plane e lies outside the unit ball.

One then encounters the mathematical problem of selecting the directions so as to optimize the approximation. L ( j_ denoting orthogonal complement). We then write e e e (106) e e f(e) = [(w, z) = (Pwf)(z). The function Pwf is the X-ray picture or the radiograph in the direction w. Here f is a function on Rn vanishing outside a ball B around the origin and for the sake of Hilbert space methods to be used it is convenient to assume in addition that f E L 2 (B). L. l.. L). 8. An object is determined by any infinite set of radiographs.

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