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Twist two sparkle stems together, and press the end into the bottom of the helicopter behind the wheels for a handle for the puppet. 7. Cut a 5-inch (13-cm) square of corrugated cardboard for the landing pad. 8. Poke a hole in the center of the cardboard, and push the handle of the puppet down through the hole so that the helicopter rests on the landing pad. To use the puppet, push up on the handle to make the helicopter take off, spin, and come back down. 43 Secret Message Rocket Ships Here is what you need: two fat marker caps gold and red sparkle stems two self-stick pin backs scrap paper pen aluminum foil scissors star stickers ruler Here is what you do: 1.

7. Glue a little bit of fiberfill in the top of the smokestack to look like smoke coming out. 8. Cut an 18-inch (46-cm) length of yarn. 9. Tie each end of the yarn to an end of the pipe cleaner to make a necklace. Fold the ends of the pipe cleaner over the tied yarn to secure. Chuga-chuga, whooooooooooo . . 37 Bath Boat and Buddies Here is what you need: two or more dish soap pull-spouts disposable plastic cup clear packing tape scissors black permanent marker Here is what you do: 1. Cut the cup in half, top to bottom.

If the milk caps have tabs on the edge, use the scissors to snip them off. 9. Glue three milk caps along each side of the box for the wheels. 10. Use the ballpoint pen to write the name of the truck company on masking tape. Stick the masking tape sign to the side of the truck. To use the truck, open the back flap and slide the “trash masher” out. Put scrap paper into the truck through the back and push it into the truck. ” 28 Water-Squirting Fire Truck Here is what you need: red or yellow shoe box with lid (paint one if needed) 5-inch (13-cm)-square disposable food-saver container empty, cleaned pump bottle such as soap comes in 8-ounce (227-g) plastic cup construction paper clear packing tape aluminum foil clamp clothespin flexible plastic straw white craft glue scissors hole punch paper fastener ruler (continued on next page) 29 Here is what you do: 1.

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