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Rothkopf et al. provides a solution using dynamic programming [1]. Fujishima et al. proposes one method to speed up the search by structuring the search space and a heuristic method that lacks optimality guarantees but performs well on average [9]. All these algorithms are centralized. In the area of multiple agents operating simultaneously in a market setting, Preist provides an algorithm for agents that participate in multiple English auctions [10,11]. Wellman et. al. [12] use a market mechanism to solve a decentralized scheduling problem.

M) object. As before, each bidder receives a value signal (from Q) and a cost signal (from G) for an auction just before that auction begins. Since there is a single distribution function for all objects, we drop the subscripts (for the order statistics) in Equations 9 and 11 for profit and revenue and rewrite them as: E(πwj ) = E(f n−j+1 ) − E(sn−j+1 ) + αj+1 (12) ERj = E(V ) − E(c|s = f n−j+1 ) − E(πwj ) (13) We determine the expected revenues for the case where the values and costs are distributed normally.

C. Boutilier, M. Goldszmidt, and B. Sabata. Sequential auctions for the allocation of resources with complementarities. In Proceedings of the Sixteenth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-99), pages 527–534, 1999. 6. A. Byde, C. Preist, and N. R. Jennings. Decision procedures for multiple auctions. In Autonomous Agents & Multiagent Systems, pages 613–622, part 2. ACM press, 2002. 7. G. Cai and P. R. Wurman. Monte Carlo approximation in incomplete-information, sequential-auction games.

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