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Для тех, кто мастерит куклы. Предлагаются разнообразные методы изготовления, включая шитье и вязание. В книге содержаться простые инструкции по изготовлению, имеется 33 проекта. Схемы и рисунки помогут в освоении этого рукоделия. Внимание! Обновлена ссылка! Пожалуйста, оцените эту публикацтю соответствующим вашему мнению количеством звездочек.

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Continued on next page) 43 2. Use the hole punch to punch a small hole on each side of the petals, one-quarter of the way down from the top. 3. Cut four 6-inch (15-cm) pieces of the thin ribbon. 4. Thread a ribbon through the hole, from the back to the inside of the petal. 5. Thread the other end through the next petal, from the inside to the back. 6. 7. Tie the ribbon ends into a bow. Tie the remaining petals together to shape the flower bowl. 44 8. Remove three leaves from the stem of the artificial flower.

Glue two wing shapes together with a handle of the clip between the two wings. Do this to the other handle. Let dry. 4. Cut a piece from the bump chenille stem that includes one bump and the thin part of the pipe cleaner on each end. 5. Fold the bump in half for the body of the butterfly, spreading the two ends out to look like antennas. 6. Glue the body to the binder clip between the two wings. 7. 8. Glue craft gems to the wings. Make a second butterfly for your other shoe. Clip a butterfly to the laces of each sneaker.

11. Bend the fastener ends flat. You might want to make several flower bowls in different colors and display them together on your dresser. 45 Update your old sunglasses with this idea. Superspecial Sunglasses Here is what you need: old sunglasses scissors Velcro sticky dots thin craft ribbon craft foam shape buttons tiny pictures or stickers shape hole punch pom-poms craft gems Here is what you do: 1. Cut the hook half of a pair of Velcro sticky dots into four sections. 46 2. Stick the pieces on the top of each side of the front of the sunglasses.

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