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История костюма в Европе в эпоху галантного восемнадцатого столетия и позже. 24 гравюры на дереве. Описаны нравы и обычаи народов Европы. Издание карманного формата этнографического толка. Такие издания были популярны в середине девятнадцатого века для просвещения народов. Заменяли сегодняшние передачи по телевидению о быте других народов.Книга интересна как памятник полиграфии, особенно привлекают гравюры – на них изображены типы шотландцев, французов, русских и т.п.

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Spain was once a powerful country. Its soldiers were dreaded throughout Europe, and its ships sailed in every sea. It was from Spain that Columbus sailed Afterwards it conto discover America. quered almost all of South America, and and many parts of North America. But these great possessions have long since departed from her. I TURKS. TUEKS This is a picture of some Turks. You perceive at once that their dress, their manners, and their whole appearance Their robes are are different from ours. loose and flowing, and they wear pieces of cloth, called turbans, instead of hats.

Being almost constantly on horseback, they are the best riders in the world and when five or six thousand of them sweep down against an enemy's armv nothing can ; (55) 56 COSTUMES OF EUROPE. Sometimes they withstand the shock. ride without any saddle, and with nothing but a rope for a bridle. When roving about from one place to another, they often eat and sleep on horseback. They are barbarous in peace and cruel In battle they give no quarter, in war. riding down those who flee or those who and spearing the wounded that may be lying on the ground.

These helped them, still for excite the they pitied the poor women who had been sold for slaves. GREEKS. 29 They drove the Turks from the country, so that the Greeks were once more free. The Greeks are a handsome people. They have regular features, full dark eyes, and elegantly rounded limbs. Observe in the picture how handsome, and yet noble they appear. is Their country one of the finest in the world. The beauty of their moonlight nights, surpasses any thing of the kind ever seen in this country.

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