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This quantity offers easy-to-understand but outstanding homes acquired utilizing topological, geometric and graph theoretic instruments within the components lined by way of the Geometry convention that came about in Mulhouse, France from September 7–11, 2014 in honour of Tudor Zamfirescu at the get together of his seventieth anniversary. The contributions tackle matters in convexity and discrete geometry, in distance geometry or with geometrical style in combinatorics, graph idea or non-linear research. Written through best specialists, those papers spotlight the shut connections among those fields, in addition to ties to different domain names of geometry and their reciprocal impression. they give an summary on fresh advancements in geometry and its border with discrete arithmetic, and supply solutions to numerous open questions. the amount addresses a wide viewers in arithmetic, together with researchers and graduate scholars drawn to geometry and geometrical difficulties.

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Vestnik Leningrad. Univ. 15, 66–80 (1960) (Russian) 2. C. Cassidy, G. Lord, A square acutely triangulated. J. Recreational. Math. 13, 263–268 (1980/1981) 3. M. Cavicchioli, Acute triangulations of convex quadrilaterals. Discrete Appl. Math. 160, 1253– 1256 (2012) 4. M. Gardner, Mathematical games, a fifth collection of “brain-teasers”. Sci. Am. 202(2), 150– 154 (1960) 5. M. Gardner, Mathematical games. The games and puzzles of Lewis Carroll, and the answers to February’s problems. Sci. Am. 202(3), 172–182 (1960) 6.

So, counting twice in two different ways the edges of T gives d(v) ≥ 3 × 4 + 4m + 5n, 3| T | + (m + 4) = v∈V (T ) which implies that | T | ≥ 14. 4 A square admits an acute triangulation T with δT ≈ arctan |T | = 8. 16 63 and Proof Let ABC D be a square and let E, F be the midpoints of AD, BC, respectively. Let M ∈ B E, N ∈ C E such that AM⊥B E, D N ⊥C E. Then ABC D admits a non. obtuse triangulation T (see Fig. 4) with | T | = 8 and δT = ∠M F N = arctan 16 63 −−→ −−→ Now for any ε > 0, we can slightly slide M, N in direction AM, D N , respectively and obtain an acute triangulation T satisfying δT ≥ arctan 16 − ε.

38 Tudor’s Mother, with North-Moldavian Roots Tudor’s mother, Rodica, was an energetic woman. She succeeded to stay on her own feet in Germany, arriving there when she was 53 years old and speaking no German. She loved and succeeded to travel, several times around the world. In Roumania she dedicated her life to raising her 2 children. Tudor Zamfirescu: From Convex to Magic 21 Mother Rodica and father Ion In Tudor’s opinion, her best accomplishment concerning his education was her teaching of French, which she mainly did before he was 7.

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