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By Michael W. Dowdle, Michael A. Wilkinson

Constitutionalism past Liberalism bridges the distance among comparative constitutional legislations and constitutional conception. the amount makes use of the constitutional event of nations within the worldwide South - China, India, South Africa, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Malaysia - to go beyond the liberal conceptions of constitutionalism that at the moment dominate modern comparative constitutional discourse. the choice conceptions tested contain political constitutionalism, societal constitutionalism, state-based (Rousseau-ian) conceptions of constitutionalism, and geopolitical conceptions of constitutionalism. via those examinations, the amount seeks to extend our appreciation of the human chances of constitutionalism, exploring constitutionalism no longer purely as a restrict at the powers of presidency, but additionally as a developing collective political and social probabilities in different geographical and historic settings.

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833, 865 (1992). 55 The English constitutional system survived of course (the Great Depression was not as brutal there as it was in Germany). But at the same time, it was also able to do so without judicial review. Structural-​liberalism has no explanation for how it was able to do so, when Germany could not. When considerations of systemic symbiosis are brought fully into perspective, the structural-​liberal model can seem distorting and even dysfunctional. 57 Another example involves the relationship between the constitution and the socio-​economic-​industrial structure of the polity, an issue that has recently been revitalised in the wake of the Global Financial Cf.

Dorf and Sabel, ‘A Constitution of Democratic Experimentalism’, 270–​291. 58 Structural-​liberalism’s inability to visualise the constitution’s interdependence with its surrounding social environment can lend it to induce dysfunctional economic biases into its normative prescriptions. 61 III. Interlocking Visions As described in the introduction to this chapter, other visions of constitutionalism exist –​each, like the structural-​liberal vision, adapted to address a particular set of concerns and problems, which have their own non-​parochial relevance.

Structural-​liberalism has no handle with which to conceptualise this. 50 In doing so, however, it ignores the social devastation and corresponding political panic that was caused by the onset of the Great Depression. Could the German judiciary really have halted such a panic during such a crisis? If so, how? The American Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s observation about the limits of judicial power, even in the United States, is worth repeating here: [T]‌he Court cannot buy support for its decisions by spending money and, except to a minor degree, it cannot independently coerce obedience to its decrees.

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