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By Douglas C. Ravenel

Because the book of its first variation, this e-book has served as one of many few on hand at the classical Adams spectral series, and is the easiest account at the Adams-Novikov spectral series. This re-creation has been up-to-date in lots of locations, particularly the ultimate bankruptcy, which has been thoroughly rewritten with an eye fixed towards destiny study within the box. It is still the definitive reference at the good homotopy teams of spheres. the 1st 3 chapters introduce the homotopy teams of spheres and take the reader from the classical leads to the sector notwithstanding the computational features of the classical Adams spectral series and its ameliorations, that are the most instruments topologists need to examine the homotopy teams of spheres. these days, the best instruments are the Brown-Peterson thought, the Adams-Novikov spectral series, and the chromatic spectral series, a tool for studying the worldwide constitution of the strong homotopy teams of spheres and bearing on them to the cohomology of the Morava stabilizer teams. those subject matters are defined intimately in Chapters four to six. The remodeled bankruptcy 7 is the computational payoff of the publication, yielding loads of information regarding the reliable homotopy team of spheres. Appendices stick with, giving self-contained money owed of the speculation of formal crew legislation and the homological algebra linked to Hopf algebras and Hopf algebroids. The publication is meant for somebody wishing to check computational strong homotopy thought. it really is obtainable to graduate scholars with a data of algebraic topology and advised to someone wishing to enterprise into the frontiers of the topic.

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We have [ 0 l F ( x )= 0, [ 1 I F ( x )= x,and [ m ] F ( x )= F ( x , [ m - 1 I F ( x ) ) An . 6) says that if F is defined over a field of characteristic p, then [ p ] F ( X )is in fact a power series over xp" with leading term axpn,a # 0, for some n > 0, provided F is not isomorphic to the additive FGL, in which case [ p ] F ( x )= 0. This integer n is called the height of F, and the height of the additive FGL is defined to be CO. 3 Classification Theorem (Lazard [2]). ( a ) Two FGLs dejned over the algebraic closure of F are isomorphic iff they have the same height.

Rr;(RP"). rr;(RPJ-') with EF" as above for n s j a n d E f ; . " = Of o r n > j . rr: and E F2"' = r k + l - m q . rr*(BZbg)(Jp')) i f j is odd. rrk+,,(S2"-I)+r k s- , , + l . Hence the El-terms are isomorphic in the stable zone. We remark that this stable EHPSS is nothing but a reindexed form of the Atiyah-Hirzebruch SS (see Adams [4], section 7 ) for m Z ( B Z p ) . In the latter one has E;' = H,(BZ:,; T:) and this group is easily seen to be Ei+'3-r(s) in the EHPSS where f(s, = { s / +( p - l )p+ l (s 1 ) / ( -1 ) if if s = 0 mod (2p - 2 ) s = - 1 mod (2p - 2).

B ) Let L be the generator of r 2 k - l ( ~ 2 k - 1 ) = Z. 2) desuspends to 7r2k-r-2(Sk-r). ( c ) The stable map RPk-'/RPk-' +. Sk-' admits a cross section. 36 1. Introduction to the Homotopy Groups of Spheres The largest possible r above depends on the largest powers of 2 dividing k + l . Let k = 2 J ( 2 s + l ) , 1" 4(j)= 2j+l 2j+2 and p ( k ) = 4 W . 16 Theorem (Adams [ 161). ( a ) With notation as above, Sk-' admits p ( k ) - 1 linearly independent tangent vector jields and no more. 19). 7) d d ( J ) ( x k - is l ) the (nontrivial) image of in EiYf;k-J.

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