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The Association has greatly contributed to the study of Taoism in Japan and abroad. Its annual conference attracts reports which are then published in Toho shukyo. ave been judged the best. " In 2003, the Association's membership had reached around 600, including some fifty non-Japanese scholars. The current chairman (2004) is Horiike Nobuo :iftil im1'§' X of the University of Tsukuba . -* SAKADE Yoshinobu niwan Muddy Pellet The niwan or Muddy Pellet is one of the Nine Palaces (*jiugong) in the head (see fig.

Fl~ (Essentials of illustrated Explanations for Inner and Outer Practices; 1920) . THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF TAOISM 770 M-Z view of the body, the Xiuzhen tu is richer and includes a longer text. Several versions with different titles are known to have existed in both northern and southern China. At present, the following five versions are known: I. k. 2. A version from Mount Wudang (*Wudang shan, Hubei), printed in 1924 and entitled Xiuzhen quantu f~ ~ ~ ill (Complete Chart for the Cultivation of Perfection).

Around 1330, *Chen Zhixu (129o-after 1335) completed the integration process by subordinating the Five Patriarchs of Nanzong to the Five Patriarchs and the Seven Perfected of Quanzhen. Thus Nanzong disappeared as an independent movement and was subsequently referred to as a part of Quanzhen. As a whole, the references to a Northern and Southern Lineage (Beizong ~t 7jO appear to reflect an arbitrary distinction within Quanzhen created in imitation of the similar division within Chan Buddhism. In fact, although Nanzong and Quanzhen are frequently mentioned together, the Nanzong masters were actually linked to or assimilated by other orders as well.

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