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It is only in the life of consociates that the individual identity, the uniqueness of the person, may be grasped. Though even here, it is merely a facet of individuality which is available to the understanding of the other. As with all social relationships, predecessors, contemporaries, consociates, and successors are, in variant ways, located and interpreted through the typifications of common-sense life. 3. ACTION Dr. Schutz defines "action" as human conduct self-consciously projected by the actor.

Strictly speaking, there are no such things as facts, pure and simple. An facts are from the outset facts selected from a universal context by the activities of our mind. They are, therefore, always interpreted facts, either facts looked at as detached from their context by an artificial abstraction or facts considered in their particular setting. In either case, they carry along their interpretational inner and outer horizon. This does not mean that, in daily life or in science, we are unable to grasp the reality of the world.

76-77. ) 20 21 IO METHODOLOGY generalizing typification, what traits of these elements have to be selected as characteristically typical, and what others as unique and individual, that is, how far we have to penetrate into the open horizon of typicality. d and the system of relevances attached thereto, the shifting of the "context" within which Sis interesting to me, may induce me to become concerned with the q-being of S, its being also p having become irrelevant to me. 2) The intersubjective character 01 common-sense knowledge and its implication In analyzing the first constructs of common-sense thinking in everyday life we proceeded, however, as if the world were my private world and as if we were entitled to disregard the fact that it is from the outset an intersubjective world of culture.

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