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'This is a vital and illuminating assortment, even though, that could in simple terms were assembled by way of a formidably realized scholar.' - N. Fruman, selection From Coleridge's mammoth writings this publication assembles excerpts from Coleridge's inquiries into the workings of realization and the soul; man's evolution and divergence from animals; the forms of human weak point and evil and the production of tradition and trust sign up for to indicate an underlying coherence in Coleridge's interdisciplinary idea. The editor has prepared fabric from an collection of private and non-private writings, and has supplied linking statement to the texts and notes. This quantity follows John Morrow's quantity, the 1st within the sequence, On Politics and Society (1990).

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16 If it please God, I shall shortly publish, as a Supplement to the first Volume of the Friend, a work of considerable size & very great Labor -the toil of many years- entitled, The Mysteries of Religion grounded in or relative to the Mysteries of Human Nature: or the foundations of morality laid in the primary Faculties of Man. In various notebook entries he indicates what these phenomena and powers might be. 17 Time, Space, Duration, Action, Active, Passion, Passive, Activeness, Passiveness, Reaction, Causation, Affinity - here assemble all the Mysteries- known, all is known- unknown, say rather, merely known, all is unintelligible I and yet Locke & the stupid adorers of this that Fetisch Earth-clod, take all these for granted - Enquiries into the Nature of Man 19 I do not like that presumptuous Philosophy which in its rage of explanation allows no xyz, no symbol representative of the vast Terra Incognita of Knowledge, for the Facts and Agencies of Mind and matter reserved for future Explorers I while the ultimate grounds of all must remain inexplorable or Man must cease to be progressive.

It must exist, that there may be a something to be counteracted, and which by its re-action, aids the force that is exerted to resist it. Let us consider, what we do when we leap. We first resist the gravitating power by an act purely voluntary, and then by another act, voluntary in part, we yield to it in order to light on the spot, which we had previously proposed to ourselves. Now let a man watch his mind while he is composing; or, to take a still more common case, while he is trying to recollect a name; and he will find the process completely analogous.

Hartley Coleridge, aged four, gives a vivid demonstration of thinking in action. 41 March 17, 1801. - I shewed him the whole magnificent Prospect in a Looking Glass, and held it up, so that the whole was like a Canopy or Ceiling over his head, & he struggled to express himself concerning the Difference between the Thing & the Image almost with convulsive Effort. -I think never before saw such an Abstract of Thinking as a pure act & energy, of Thinking as distinguished from Thoughts. 42 Nothing affects me much at the moment it happens- it either stupifies me, and I perhaps look at a merry-make & dance the hay of Flies, or listen entirely to the loud Click of the great Clock I or I am simply indifferent, not without some sense of philosophic Self-complacency.

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