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The fundamental aim of this article is to give the theoretical origin of the sphere of Fourier research. This e-book is especially addressed to graduate scholars in arithmetic and is designed to serve for a three-course series at the topic. the one prerequisite for realizing the textual content is passable of entirety of a path in degree idea, Lebesgue integration, and intricate variables. This booklet is meant to offer the chosen themes in a few intensity and stimulate extra learn. even supposing the emphasis falls on genuine variable equipment in Euclidean areas, a bankruptcy is dedicated to the basics of study at the torus. This fabric is integrated for ancient purposes, because the genesis of Fourier research are available in trigonometric expansions of periodic capabilities in numerous variables.

While the first variation was once released as a unmarried quantity, the hot version will include a hundred and twenty pp of recent fabric, with an extra bankruptcy on time-frequency research and different sleek themes. hence, the booklet is now being released in 2 separate volumes, the 1st quantity containing the classical subject matters (Lp areas, Littlewood-Paley thought, Smoothness, etc...), the second one quantity containing the trendy subject matters (weighted inequalities, wavelets, atomic decomposition, etc...).

From a evaluate of the 1st edition:

“Grafakos’s ebook is particularly uncomplicated with a variety of examples illustrating the definitions and concepts. it really is more desirable for readers who are looking to get a suppose for present examine. The remedy is punctiliously glossy with loose use of operators and sensible research. Morever, not like many authors, Grafakos has truly spent loads of time getting ready the exercises.” - Ken Ross, MAA Online

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It is easy to verify that the measure λ = dx/|x| is invariant under multiplicative translations, that is, ∞ ∞ dx dx f (tx) = f (x) , |x| |x| −∞ −∞ for all f in L1 (G, µ) and all t ∈ R∗ . Therefore, dx/|x| is a Haar measure. 3. Similarly, on the multiplicative group G = R+ , a Haar measure is dx/x. 4. Counting measure is a Haar measure on the group Zn with group operation the usual addition. 5. The Heisenberg group Hn is the set Cn ×R with the group operation n (z1 , . . , zn ,t)(w1 , . . , wn , s) = z1 + w1 , .

4. 3. 2 that also satisfies |T ( f )| ≤ T (| f |) , for all f ∈ L p0 + L p1 . (a) If p0 = 1 and p1 = ∞, prove that T maps L p to L p with norm at most 1 1− 1 p A0p A1 p . p−1 (b) More generally, if p0 < p < p1 = ∞, prove that the norm of T from L p to L p is at most 1 p p0 p 1− p0 1+ 1p B(p0 + 1, p − p0 ) p p A A , p 0 1 p0 0 (p − p0 ) p−p0 where B(s,t) = 01 xs−1 (1 − x)t−1 dx is the usual Beta function. (c) When 0 < p0 < p1 < ∞, then the norm of T from L p to L p is at most min p 0<λ <1 1 p B(p − p0 , p0 + 1) + (1 − λ ) p0 p1 −p+1 p1 −p λ p1 1 p 1− 1 p p1 1 − 1 p0 p1 A0 1 1 p0 − p 1 − 1 p0 p1 A1 .

B) If p = ∞ and f is continuous on a compact K ⊆ G, then kε ∗ f − a f L∞ (K) →0 as ε → 0 . 22. 21, if f is continuous and tends to zero at infinity, then kε ∗ f − a f L∞ (G) → 0. To see this, simply observe that outside a compact subset of G, both kε ∗ f , a f have small L∞ norm, while inside a compact subset of G, uniform convergence holds. 1. Let G be a locally compact group and let f , g in L1 (G) be supported in the subsets A and B of G, respectively. Prove that f ∗ g is supported in the algebraic product set AB.

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