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This article explores the journey and trap of America's maximum clash - the yankee Civil struggle. It introduces figures corresponding to Southern undercover agent Belle Boyd, forgotten slave hero Robert Smalls, and towering leaders Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. furnish. It examines Bull Run, Gettysburg and different battles that modified the background of a state. The advisor additionally appears on the own part of this clash - from the homespun uniforms worn through accomplice volunteers, to rousing army marches and propaganda posters, to the touching pictures of battling males and the folk they left in the back of.

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El Husseini took refuge with Haj Amin in Syriaand the Lebanon in 1937. Subsequently he fled to Iraq and, after the failure of the revolt of Rashid Ali el Gailani in 1941, to Persia. He was arrested in Persia in 1941, and detained in Southern Rhodesia, from whence he has now been released. Tewfiq Eff. Saleh el Husseini, the brother of Jamal, was chosen as acting president of the Palestine Arab party on its revival, after a momentary eclipse, in 1942. The secretary of the party, Emil Eff. Ghoury, is a Christian.

Tamimi (Palestine Arab party) Kamil Eff. Dajani (Palestine Arab party) Yusef Eff. Sahyoun (Palestine Arab party) Ragheb Bey Nashashibi (president, Defence party) Auni Bey Abdul Hadi (president, Istiqlal party) Abdul Latif Bey Salah (president, National Bloc party) Dr. Hussein Khalidi (president, Reform party) Yacoub Eff. Ghussein (president, the executive of the Young Men's Congress) Musa Eff. el Alami (non-party) Ahmad Hilmi Pasha (manager of the Arab National Bank) There is no chairman of the second Arab Higher Committee, the chair being taken in rotation at each session.

After the signature of the Covenant of the Arab League, Musa Eff. el Alami devoted himself to two projects which touched Palestine most closely and which derived from the Article on Palestine in the protocol of the Alexandria conference. These projects were the opening of Arab publicity offices to explain the Arab case to the world and the scheme to save Arab land from purchase by the Jews. Musa Eff. el Alami was charged by the Alexandriaconference to organise the Arab publicity offices and to submit to the council of the League the proposals to save Arab lands in Palestine.

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