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Christmas (Orthodox) Apr. 7 . . . . . Day of Beauty & Mother’s Apr. 24 . . . . . Genocide Memorial Day Apr/May. . . . Easter* May. 1 . . . . . Labor Day May. 9 . . . . . Victory and Peace Day May. 28 . . . . 5 . . . . . . Constitution Day Sep. 23 . . . . . Independence Day Dec. 31 . . . . . New Year’s Eve *variable 25 Canberra, Australia AUSTRALIA Commonwealth of Australia Major Cities: Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart Other Cities and Areas: Alice Springs, Darwin, Fremantle, Geelong, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Tasmania, Wollongong EDITOR’S NOTE This chapter was adapted from the Department of State Post Report dated July 1996.

Bad relations with Turkey over Nagorno-Karabakh have closed that nearby land border. And, because of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, travel to Azerbaijan is impossible from Armenia. Moreover, official Americans cannot travel to Nagorno-Karabakh itself without special permission; the road to N-K, however, is open and considered good. The highway to Tbilisi is also open. The Armenian leg is good, but the Georgian side tends to be beaten up and slow going. It is a 6-hour drive maximum. Surface routes through to southern Armenia and Iran are open most of the year.

Roads The streets of Yerevan are very beaten up in places, but are mostly in adequate repair. National high22 Public surface transportation in Yerevan is crowded and the equipment is old. There are trams, buses, trolley buses and even a funicular. Taxis are available and not overly expensive. Two dollars is the average fare for a ride within the central downtown area. The taxis are not metered and passengers must negotiate, so expect to pay a stiff premium if you can't negotiate in Armenian or Russian.

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