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By Dick Morris

we need to cease Obama's radical time table. Now.

We needs to act prior to President Barack Obama absolutely implements his radical political schedule. simply because after Obama has gained his conflict on prosperity and canceled the conflict on terror, it is going to be too past due to regain our liberty or our safety.

this is the reality approximately Obama and his radical regulations:

  • He will break our health and wellbeing care process in order that nobody will get enough care.
  • He firmly believes in executive keep an eye on of our significant industries—he's already commandeered the banks and the car undefined.
  • He plans to reshape the political panorama to maintain the left in strength for many years by way of cooking the census, enfranchising unlawful immigrants, muzzling speak radio, and coercing staff into unions.
  • He is attacking those that struggle terrorism whereas letting the terrorists pass unfastened.
  • He has repealed the announcement of Independence and placed us below a global, European-dominated monetary regulatory approach.

And Obama isn't really operating on my own. Congress is complicit within the conspiracy.

it is a disaster. yet as Dick Morris and Eileen McGann remind us, “This is not any time for apathy or alienation or hopelessness. it is a time for action.” And that motion needs to start now—before it really is too overdue.

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And by the time FDR took over in March 1933, banks were failing across the country. Onto this stage burst the new theories of what became known as Keynesian economics. Keynes reasoned that if government increased spending on public works and other projects, more jobs would be created. The increase in the number of jobs and the extra paychecks flowing into consumers’ pockets would get the economy going again. ” The point was not to replace the private sector but to shock it back into working as it should.

There is a risk that much of the spending will kick in after a recovery is underway. The government’s capacity to deal with an emergency, such as a major natural disaster or a foreign attack, will be limited, because its credit worthiness will be damaged. There is a risk that government will absorb a permanently higher share of GDP. Policymakers will be reluctant to cut public spending for fear of causing a downturn. ”45 GREG MANKIW, PROFESSOR OF ECONOMICS, HARVARD UNIVERSITY: “My advice to Team Obama: Do not be intellectually bound by the textbook Keynesian model.

The more we understand what he’s doing to us—and why he’s doing it—the more we can defend ourselves and reverse his disastrous course in 2010, when the congressional elections will offer us the next opportunity. But we need to start today—by remembering that it’s our country and taking it back. Right now, in the darkness of the recession, that might seem difficult, even impossible. At the moment, reemerging into the light of prosperity is our primary concern. We all have immediate worries: our jobs, our families, our homes, our future.

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