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This is often the 1st finished, multidisciplinary, inter-religious, and significant engagement with transhumanism as a cultural phenomenon, an ideology, and a philosophy. Situating transhumanism in its right old context, the essays examine transhumanism from the views of a number of global religions, consider the feasibility of regulating human enhancement, tease out the philosophical implications of transhumanism, discover the interaction among know-how and tradition, and disclose the medical limits of transhumanism. Written by means of students of spiritual experiences, philosophy, historical past, psychology, neuroscience, immunology, engineering, science/technology experiences, and legislation, the amount encourages readers to ascertain transhumanism heavily and severely as a result of its ramifications for the way forward for humanity.

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McKibben, Bill. 2003. Enough: Staying Human in an Engineered Age. New York: Henry Holt & Co. Mehlman, Maxwell J. 2003. Wondergenes: Genetic Enhancement and the Future of Society. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. –. 2009. The Price of Perfection: Individualism and Society in the Era of Biomedical Enhancement. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press. Miah, Andy. 2008. A critical history of posthumanism. In Medical Enhancement and Posthumanity, edited by Bert Gordijn and Ruth Chadwick, 71-94.

The term transhumanism was coined in 1957 by Julian Huxley (1887–1975), the grandson of the Victorian Darwinian Thomas Henry Huxley. For Julian Huxley, transhumanism was another word for what he named “evolutionary humanism,” namely, the deliberate effort by humankind to “transcend itself – not just sporadically … but in its entirety, as humanity. … Man remaining man, but transcending himself, by realizing new possibilities of and for his human nature” (Huxley 1957, 17). Huxley’s views were quite similar to the ideas of the psychologist Abraham Maslow, the leader of the Human Potential Movement, who coined the word metahuman to discuss how the selfactualizing person will be able “to go beyond the merely human” and become divine or godlike (Maslow 1971, 274).

2007), and Michael Sandel (2007), to mention just a few. For over two decades the debates about enhancement have considered diverse issues such as the meaning of human nature, fairness in sports, equality in education, social justice, sex selection, cosmetics and antiaging, the institution of the family, reproductive liberty, abortion, disability, stem-cell research, human cloning, organ replacement, child welfare, and human mortality. Needless to say, no consensus has been reached on any of these issues, but the intensity of the debate indicates how important it is to reflect on the social, political, legal, and cultural implications of biotechnology.

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