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By Jennifer M. Lehmann, ed.

Reflecting the cultural variety in serious thought, present views in Social idea provides paintings from various theoretical traditions demonstrating the issues of sociological theorizing. quantity 21 echoes a present development by way of publishing articles that reassess Marx, Althusser and Gramsci.

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The first negation is the turning of laborers into proletarians and their means of labor into constant capital. What is being suggested is one negation resulting from 30 PAUL ZAREMBKA the revolutionary transformation into the capitalist mode of production. The next negation is the subsequent revolutionary transformation into a socialized mode of production in which the expropriators have been expropriated. Dunayevskaya considers the very concept of negation of the negation, saved by Marx out of Hegel's dialectic, as "the creative force and Reason of dialectic methodology .

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