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By Bernard Cottret

In flip, Tory minister, Jacobite renegade, English thinker and anti-minister, Bolingbroke has elicited combined reactions from his compatriots, either contempories and historians. Bernard Cottret discusses right here his political writings within the context of latest concept in England and France. His analyses of 'A' Dissertation upon events' and 'The notion of a Patriot King' are supported by way of an entire mid-eighteenth-century political notion.

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Colley, In Defiance of Oligarchy: The Tory Party 1714-60 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1982), passim. Bolingbroke, CW, vol. III, p. 11. Saint-Simon likewise described Louis XIV: 'L'esprit du Roi etoit au-dessous du mediocre, mais tres capable de se former', Memoires, 7 vols (Paris: Nrf, 1953-61), vol. IV, p. 950. Yet Saint-Simon's Memoirs remained unpublished until their first, abridged version in 1781. CW, vol. III, p. 9. Ibid. , Angleterre, Mss 378, f. ' Bolingbroke's reported speech to Chavigny (December 1732).

Bolingbroke did not believe in a second 1660, neither did he wish that the 'King over the water' would enjoy his own again. K. Monod. 19 To him, the key to the political revolution that he envisaged was educational. James Edward's son, Charles Edward, had to be properly brought up and trained as a Patriot Prince. Though the phrase 'Patriot King' occurs at a slightly later date, the concept is already present in the early 1730s. Dr Eveline Cruickshanks has drawn attention to Bolingbroke's secret plan.

Likewise, how should we interpret the following extract from Letter X? 32 Bolingbroke's Political Writings To finish the great work, which King WILLIAM began, of establishing the liberties of Britain on firm and durable foundations must be reputed an honor surely; and to whom can this honor belong more justly than to a prince, who emulates in so remarkable a manner, all the heroic virtues of his renowned predecessor? The heroic prince, who will eventually restore British liberties on their true basis, should be a 'Patriot King' - to take the title of Bolingbroke's next major political treatise.

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