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9. Multi-file programs A text inclusion facility is available with Berkeley Pascal. This facility allows the interpolation of source text from other files into the source stream of the translator. It can be used to divide large programs into more manageable pieces for ease in editing, listing, and maintenance. The include facility is based on that of the UNIX C compiler. To trigger it you can place the character ‘#’ in the first portion of a line and then, after an arbitrary number of blanks or tabs, the word ‘include’ followed by a filename enclosed in single ‘´’ or double ‘"’ quotation marks.

Apr’. flush(f) writes the output buffered for Pascal file f into the associated UNIX file. halt terminates the execution of the program with a control flow backtrace. linelimit(f,x)‡ with f a textfile and x an integer expression causes the program to be abnormally terminated if more than x lines are written on file f . If x is less than 0 then no limit is imposed. ) causes the parameters, which have the format of those to the built-in procedure write, to be written unbuffered on the diagnostic unit 2, almost always the user’s terminal.

Berkeley Pascal User´s Manual PSD:7-33 the command line. Some of the features which are diagnosed are: non-standard procedures and functions, extensions to the procedure write , and the padding of constant strings with blanks. In addition, all letters are mapped to lower case except in strings and characters so that the case of keywords and identifiers is effectively ignored. p will produce warnings unless the program meets the standard. Runtime tests − t and C These options control the generation of tests that subrange variable values are within bounds at run time.

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