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By Valerie Campbell-Harding

В книге представлены способы изготовления кистей, шнуров и бахромы из бисера. Даны множество схем и иллюстраций.

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White breasts of flesh grow cold, soft flesh lips wither: o First and Ultimate, o Night, thou Titan-Woman, Thou wilt not fail me when these fall to dust! The moon upon thy forehead I The stars amid thy black locks ! Extinguish me upon thy breast, amid thy tresses! XXIII THE MORNING GIRL LISTEN I All the world is still; One bleared hour and night is gone. See yon lonely moon-washed hill Lift its head to catch the dawn r In the east the eager light Sets the curtained dusk a-sag; And all the royal robe of Night Frays cheaply -like a rag r Once I felt a lifting joy When I saw the day unfurl, Watching, just a laughing boy, For the Morning Girl.

Through many lands in many women's eyes I longed to overtake thee with surprise. o the long ages that I sought for thee! Hast thou kept pure the ancient drink for me ? Who touched with careless lips my goblet's brim, Daring to dream the vintage was for him? Half jealous of those lips of dust am I I o let us journey back to Thessaly, And from faint echoes build the olden song I Hast thou forgotten, through these ages long, The tinkle of the sheep-bells and the shrill Glad oaten reeds of shepherds on the hill ?

How can I rebuild my dust heaps into a city The City of My Ancient Dream? xxv THE FOOL'S MOTHER WHEN I - the fool- am dead, There will be one to stand above my head, Her wan lips yearning for my quiet lips That stung her soul so oft with bitter cries. ' XXVI LET ME LIVE OUT MY YEARS LET me live out my years in heat of blood! Let me die drunken with the dreamer's wine r Let me not see this soul-house built of mud Go toppling to the dust - a vacant shrine r Let me go quickly like a candle light Snuffed out just at the heyday of its glow I Give me high noon - and let it then be night I Thus would I go.

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