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By Dot Barlowe

Wild animals in our midst come to vivid existence during this distinctive, conscientiously rendered coloring publication from nature artist Dot Barlowe. you will discover forty two meticulously rendered black-and-white illustrations of creatures usually visible in suburban or perhaps urban backyards. incorporated are a garter snake in a rock backyard, whitetail deer (Virginia deer) in a vegetable patch, a backyard spider weaving an internet between forsythia, jap beetles on a rose blossom, a field turtle in a strawberry patch, and chickadees amid branches of white pine in addition to raccoons, slugs, honey bees, grackles, cardinals, grey squirrels development a nest, and a number of different vegetation and fauna.
Captions accompany the illustrations, deciding on the topics during this interesting, fun-filled assortment. Backyard Nature Coloring Book is bound to thrill nature fanatics and to supply hours of leisure for colorists of ages.

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