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Baby Animals Coloring Book

Do you know that younger animals have their very own precise names? child cats, for example, are known as kittens, and a joey is a toddler koala. puppies will be the children of grownup canines or seals; and cubs have tigers, lions, wolves, or pandas as mom and dad. Nature fans (and coloring ebook enthusiasts of every age) will get pleasure from coloring the lovable creatures in those 30 images of child animals.

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"Become the simplest part dish chef on your family members! From bacon cheese morsels to yummy chook avocado salad this publication is jam choked with tasty recipes"--Back conceal.

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Carousel Animals Coloring e-book Книжка-раскраска: Карусель. Тридцать готовых цветных иллюстраций, все основано на подлинных резных античных работах. Для поклонников каруселей и любителей ностальгии: великолепный жеребец и скачущий пони, львы, тигры, зебры, верблюды, морские чудовища, драконы и многое другое.

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