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By E. Richard Cohen, Jesse W. M. DuMond, H. A. Bethe, E. E. Salpeter (auth.)

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81, 70 (1951). 2 Sect. 25. 43 Experiments involving the ratio hje each measurement was made. In each case the point of maximum bending of the isochromat was taken as the quantum limit position. These results exhibit a fairly definite systematic variation from the constancy to be expected, the higher voltage experiments tending to exhibit the larger absolute" discrepancies" in volts. &lJ. &J. Sun \0 (J11§6'()()V \eO~' roiq d 'u5l'e I fJ~6'() V 8. J&1f. fJ17ZV () (25·3) which is the least squares adjusted value of this constant obtained in 1952 [4].

Ark. Fysik 2,119 (1950); 3, 479 (1951). , I. C. C. MACKENZIE: Ordnance Survey Professional Papers, No. 19 (Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London 1954). • L. ESSEN: Proc. Roy. Soc. , Ser. A 204, 260 (1950). - Nature. Land. 167, 758 (1951 ), 6 K. n. FROOME: Proc. Roy. Soc. , Ser. A 213, 123 (1952); 223, 195 (1954). 7C. 1. ASLAKSON: Nature, Lond. 164, 711 (1949). - Trans. Amer. Geophys. Un. 30, 475 (1949). 8 E. K. PLYLER, L. R. BLAINE and W S. CONNOR: J. Opt. Sec. Amer. 45, 102 (1955). US. Nat.

The diameter of the cylinder could not be measured accurately by direct means, but the ratio of length to diameter could be determined from the ratio of the resonant frequencies for two modes of electrical vibration (the TE012 and TE021 modes). One of these depends primarily on the length of the cylinder, the other depends primarily on the diameter. The ratio of length to diameter was so chosen as to put the frequencies of the two modes only a few megacycles apart out of 3000 megacycles. A correction to the resonant frequencies was required because of the perturbations produced by the probe hole through which the electromagnetic energy is introduced into the cavity.

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