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Both fresh and frozen fish must be properly prepared to eliminate viral or bacterial contamination. When cooking, use the 10-minute rule. This involves measuring fish at its thickest part and cooking for 10 minutes per inch at 450 F. Shellfish such as clams, oysters and shrimp should be boiled for four to six minutes. While you’re pregnant, avoid all raw and undercooked seafood. It’s also a good idea to buy fresh fish and seafood the same day you plan to eat it. Be aware that environmental toxins can be a problem with some freshwater fish and ocean seafood.

If you’re planning to get pregnant, it’s a good idea to stop drinking. Alcohol exposure can cause birth defects in the early weeks of your pregnancy, before you may know you’re carrying a child. Small amounts of alcohol can wind up in breast milk and be passed on to your baby. You may want to abstain from alcohol use until you’re finished breast-feeding. If you think you might need help to stop drinking alcohol, talk with your health care provider. Smoking There’s no question about it: Smoking is dangerous for you and your baby.

Little is known about herbs and their effects on pregnancy. In some cases, they can do damage. The herb comfrey, for example, can cause serious liver disease. For more information on herbal products, see page 455. Precautions around the house There’s plenty to do to get ready for the baby, along with the usual work that continues despite your pregnancy. But is it safe to repaint walls, use household cleaning products, clean up after pets, sit in front of a computer screen or take a warm bath to relieve sore muscles?

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