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By Yoichi Imayoshi, Masahiko Taniguchi

This booklet deals a simple and compact entry to the idea of Teichm?ller areas, ranging from the main basic elements to the latest advancements, e.g. the function this conception performs with reference to thread thought. Teichm?ller areas supply parametrization of the entire advanced constructions on a given Riemann floor. This topic is said to many various components of arithmetic together with advanced research, algebraic geometry, differential geometry, topology in and 3 dimensions, Kleinian and Fuchsian teams, automorphic varieties, advanced dynamics, and ergodic thought. lately, Teichm?ller areas have began to play an incredible function in string conception. Imayoshi and Taniguchi have tried to make the publication as self-contained as attainable. They current a variety of examples and heuristic arguments with the intention to aid the reader seize the guidelines of Teichm?ller thought. The ebook could be a good resource of knowledge for graduate scholars and reserachers in complicated research and algebraic geometry in addition to for theoretical physicists operating in quantum thought.

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1. Teichmriller Teichmiiller Space Space of Genus Genus g 24 24 Notes Notes function theory originated with with Riemann's 1851 Gottingen dis1851 Gottingen The geometric function [181] and his 1857 1857 paper [182]. [182]. In connection connection with with multi-valued sertation [181] such as as algebraic algebraic functions, he introduced the concept concept of of the analytic functions such Riemann as the Riemann sphere. the sphere. He surface as a branched covering surface over Riemann Riemann also recognized recognized clearly the intimate intimate relationship between between holomorphic functions also plane.

F i g . 12. 12. = (a (o+ g ) ccos o sB, 0, 6 cos c o s'(t/J)(dB ( { ) ( d 0 22++ddt/J2). rl}). ds 2 to = B 0+ fry' is an isothermal Thus w on M, isothermal coordinate coordinate for for ds ds2 M, which defines defines aa + it/J complex structure on M.

D'C) 'ecsJJns ulretuelg e 'U eosJrns uuetuell{ ualrE e uo od Jo lurod es€q 3 xld te1 'alotr1 ecsJrns Surre,rocl"srellun e i(lalarauoc lcnrlsuoc lleqs arrrsqled Sutsn fq We see that this R becomes a universal covering surface of R as follows. First, we need to introduce a topology on k For any point p = [C,p] of R, take a neighborhood Up of p which is a simply connected domain in R. Denote by Up the set of all points [C· C q , q] in R in such a way that q is a point in Up and C q is an arbitrary path contained in Up from p to q.

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