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Just as you’re about to peek over the wall, a musket ball careens off its top, spraying the area with pebbles. You decide to crawl to the end and look around instead. A troop of redcoats, strung out over half a mile, makes its way down the road. Rebels fire upon it from either side, yet the redcoats don’t falter or run. The rebels are making good use of the natural and man-made camouflage, while the redcoats stand in plain sight and try to fire back. The redcoats aren’t used to this sort of fight, you realize.

The feathers are almost as bright as the redcoats’ uniforms. This must be your man! He spots something—or someone—off a distance in the woods. He moves off the road, into the trees. You follow. About a hundred yards from the road, the youth stops suddenly and stares intently at a thick clump of bushes. He steps forward, bends down a little, and points his musket at the bush. The bush shakes. He fires. A wounded redcoat lunges from the bush and grabs for his throat. The youth jumps out of the way, and the redcoat collapses in a heap on the ground, dead.

Let me in! ” asks a man behind the door. “Neither! ” The door opens, and a grizzled tavernkeeper with sharp eyes pulls you in by the collar. ” The last thing you want to do is hurt somebody. You’ll just have to fake it. You reach the window just in time to see a redcoat dash up the steps and knock on the door. The tavernkeeper looks down at his 32 trigger finger, and his forehead breaks into a sweat. But he doesn’t pull the trigger. ” shouts the redcoat. ” replies the tavernkeeper. Gathering his courage, he leans out a window and takes a wild shot at the redcoat, who responds by dashing to the side of the house.

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