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As you get older, you will have more and more. So be patient. Younger girls will always have more choices. They will be able to select from a wild variety of males, especially if they look good. Whatever you want, you will have to figure out the best way to get it. Let me give you a few examples: If you want to become a player, you’ll probably go clubbing at least two or three nights a week. If you’re an artist or a Bohemian type, you’ll be found at art exhibitions or modern theaters talking to women with similar interests.

For the first few times, make sure you stay sober. Your only goal should be to overcome your fear of approaching girls. Alcohol will help with your inhibitions, but the next day, you will be the same person with the same fears and inner obstacles. Also, don’t bring any friends with you. They’ll just hold you back and contribute to your getting drunk. Go alone. If you can make sober approaches in a club, you will be able to make approaches ANYWHERE. Keep that in mind: ANYWHERE. Naturally, this is just the first step.

I like you. You have a beautiful smile. 2. I like you, and I would like to get to know you. 3. You are beautiful. I like you. 4. You know how you look? You look like someone I should meet. Choose one of the above and use it. These are very unique opening lines. She has probably never heard anything like this from a guy before. It’s honest and nonthreatening. Approaching her with such an opener is like her Prince Charming appearing out of the blue. She has waited for that moment since the beginning — for a real Man to come.

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