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Our commence Exploring™ introductory texts, offered in coloring-book shape, are loved through adults in addition to young ones. they supply wonderful introductions to complicated matters in an easy obtainable approach.

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Killer Claws The "killer claws," or Dromaeosauridae, a subgroup of Coelurosauria, were distinguished by the large sickle-shaped claws on their feet. Dino Facts NAME: Dromaeosaurus ("running lizard") GROUP: Dromaeosauridae WHEN IT LIVED: Late Cretaceous WHERE IT LIVED: Alberta, Canada; Montana SIZE: About 6 feet long, 100 pounds NAME: Velociraptor ("speedy thief") GROUP: Dromaeosauridae WHEN IT LIVED: Late Cretaceous WHERE IT LIVED: Mongolia SIZE: About 6 feet long, 100 pounds This group was named after Dromaeosaurus, the first discovered dinosaur of this kind.

Sauropodomorphs first appeared during the Late Triassic. They were around in one form or another until the Late Cretaceous. For much of the Mesozoic, sauropodomorphs were the dominant plant-eating land animals, their long necks allowing them to feed on many different kinds of vegetationfrom the ground up to the tops of trees. Page 57 Page 58 Before the Sauropods Members of the Prosauropoda ("before sauropods"), the more primitive sauropodomorph group that lived from the Late Triassic to Early Jurassic, were probably related to the later sauropods.

Apparently a pygmy, this dinosaur's skull is only 22 inches long. Unlike Albertosaurus, its eyes were directed forward to allow for stereo vision and better depth perception. Paper-thin sheets of bone in its inner snout wall suggest that it had an acute sense of smell, like dogs. Nanotyranus's inner ear bones were surrounded by air chambers used to increase hearing sensitivity to low-frequency sounds, and its cheekbones had grooves, indicating that its ears pointed forward for stereo hearing. Small teeth indicate that it had a delicate bite, suitable for attacking small animals weighing no more than 60 pounds.

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