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By Paul Tomascak, Tomáš Magna, Ralf Dohmen

This paintings summarizes the old development of the sphere of lithium (Li) isotope experiences and gives a finished but succinct review of the study functions towards which they've been directed. In synthesizing the ancient and present examine, the amount additionally indicates potential destiny instructions of analysis. no longer even an entire decade has handed because the ebook of a greatly inclusive precis of Li isotope examine all over the world (Tomascak, 2004). during this little while, using this isotope approach within the research of geo- and cosmochemical questions has elevated dramatically, due, partially, to the arrival of latest analytical expertise on the finish of the final millennium. Lithium, as a mild point that varieties low-charge, moderate-sized ions, manifests a few chemical houses that make its strong isotope method priceless in a wide range of geo- and cosmochemical study fields.

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Fields (2011) offers several solutions to this “cosmic lithium problem” with respect to astrophysical observations, cosmological models of BBN predictions and more complex solutions beyond standard models of particle physics. , Caffau et al. 2011; Sbordone et al. 1 Cosmology of Lithium: Big Bang Nucleosynthesis, Evolution of the Universe … 21 Time (s) 101 102 103 104 -9 p log [n(X)/n(H)] n 10-2 Mass fraction He 4 H (D) 2 10-4 He 3 H (T) 3 10-6 10-8 Be 7 n WMAP + BBN Li -11 B Be -13 -3 10-10 7 10-12 6 Li -2 -1 0 Metallicity [Fe/H] Li Fig.

Considering considerably higher Li concentrations in SiC grains of Fujiya et al. (2011) compared with those measured by Gyngard et al. (2009), any contribution by GCR spallation-produced Li has been constrained to < 4 % but will probably be at significantly lower levels. Only in 2003, McDonough et al. (2003) presented the first quasi-systematic investigation of Li isotopic compositions in several chondritic meteorites of different petrologic types. These results implied a shift in δ7Li depending on the degree of alteration and/or thermal metamorphism such that aqueous alteration introduced higher δ7Li whereas low δ7Li values were associated with higher degrees of thermal metamorphism.

2012) investigated Li elemental and isotopic systematics in *90 chondrules by means of MC-ICPMS technique. 2 Cosmochemistry of Lithium in Meteorites and (iii) a large range in δ7Li values among the chondrules without any peculiar systematics and relation to the degree of alteration/ metamorphism, degree of melting or major element chemistry. From these observations, Seitz et al. (2012) implied compositional heterogeneities in chondrule forming regions in the Solar nebula. Collectively, the data for individual components of chondrites show a large scatter in both Li contents and isotopic compositions, indicating non-uniform behavior of Li during chondrule formation and subsequent processes after the chondrules were embedded into bulk chondritic matter.

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