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By Bernard Stiegler

Performing Out is the 1st visual appeal in English of 2 brief books released by way of Bernard Stiegler in 2003. In How I turned a thinker, he outlines his transformation in the course of a five-year interval of incarceration for armed theft. remoted from what have been his international, Stiegler started to behavior one of those scan in phenomenological examine. encouraged via the Greek stoic Epictetus, Stiegler started to learn, write, and realize his vocation, ultimately learning philosophy in correspondence with G?rard Granel who used to be a massive effect on a few French philosophers, together with Jacques Derrida, who was once later Stiegler's teacher.The moment ebook, to like, to like Me, to like Us, is a robust distillation of Stiegler's research of the modern global. He continues growing to be lack of a feeling of person and collective lifestyles ends up in a diminished skill to like oneself, and, by means of extension, others. This trouble is seen via a sad occasion: in 2002, in Nanterre, France, Richard Durn, a neighborhood activist, stormed the city's city corridor, capturing and killing 8 humans. Durn dedicated suicide the next day to come. The later e-book of Durn's his magazine printed a guy being affected by the sensation that he didn't exist, for which he attempted to compensate through committing an atrocity. For Stiegler, this exemplifies how love of self turns into pathological: a "me" assassinates an "us" with which it can't establish.

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In the impossibility, in the unsupportability of the absence of world, quite close to the un-world [immonde], I found the world as irreducible locality, and as locality itself constituted, in all circumstances, but invisibly, just as water is absent to a fish, by default, by the default, and even as default, for example, that default of pronunciation which we hear in a foreign accent. I posed the default as that which every locality expresses, in its guise and according to its place: as originary default of origin, inasmuch as a locality is always artifactually and prosthetically constituted-and, in my situation then and there, reconstituted by and in that which remained of a "milieu" despite everything, granting me in the end a place still, an ensemble ofremains that I wanted to save and that I therefore reconstituted hypomnesically, fighting against the finitude of my memory, against that which I later called, with Derrida, commenting on Husserl, my retentionalfin i- 24 How I Became a Philosopher tude.

This consciousness is itself essentially temporal: it never ceases to flow; it has, like all temporal objects, a beginning and an end, and, between this beginning and end, it is nothing but temporal flux. Now, when you who are consciousnesses watch a broadcast or a film, your time-consciousness passes into the broadcast or into the film, adhering to the temporal object that is the object of your consciousness. If it is a television broadcast (rather than a cassette in your VCR), the World Cup, for example, then hundreds of millions of people watch it at the same moment as you, and you synchronize yourself with those consciousnesser-you are in the same time-consciousness.

It is my How I Became a Philosopher 31 outside, the outside. I can only find necessity in a milieu, and only this gives me access to myself which means there is no difference inside/outside. Having met with this realization, it governed my subsequent reading and comprehension of Of Grammatology, a text that was crucial for me in relation to this question. When I say that the necessity of milieu-that I have to invent it and that I experiment by default with it-cannot be found except by myself I say the same thing as when I speak ofsignificance and insignificance, which is my pure responsibility.

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