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Небольшая книга на английском языке с идеями детских развлечений. Описаны несколько подвижных игр и идеи поделок. Contents:- Tent urban- Scratch images- Stick or decide- cleaning soap Sculptures- Waxy Nature images- Pinecone humans- Paper Plate artwork- Water Globes- Eggshell Pencil Holder- college- colour and a Shave- Sock Puppet- Friendship Bracelet- force Me loopy- Im In enterprise- fashion designer store- version baby- shall we visit university- name Me- Inchworm- Library- note seek

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There’s a bathroom out on the landing between my room and my Aunt Delia’s. I took my first bath there after dinner (the Florida Hollisters call it supper). They don’t have a shower, just a big old tub on feet shaped like bird claws clutching pine cones. I washed and sat in the water until it got cold, and I pulled the plug and watched the last dirt of Omaha go down the drain. I stand in the doorway of my new bedroom, trying to see my way to the bathroom. I’m going to get a towel and dry the floor.

I stand in the dark just inside and look for her bed. It’s that white thing there under the slope of the roof, and I can see her black hair on the pillow. I don’t want to do anything, but I know I can’t go. I have to stay here until I know she’s all right. ” but before I can, I hear her sob, and then there’s a hard catch of breath that says she sees me. She says, “Who’s that? Travis? ” I do. I stand by the bed and look down at her. I can’t see her face, but I know how it looks. It looks hurt. I can smell her.

Sometimes I think my mom has a broken heart. I want to ask Delia about my mom. Maybe she knows. Maybe she knows what nobody will tell me. The things grown-ups say over my head. Delia’s grown up, but she’s not. I’m gonna ask her about my mom, and my dad, too, but not tonight. Some time I’ll ask her, and I know she’ll tell me if she can. I know I can trust her, and she can trust me. I wake up with my Aunt Delia against me. I guess it’s the birds singing that wake me. Maybe it’s the good smell from downstairs.

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