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By Joseph Gelfer

21 December 2012 used to be believed to mark the tip of the 13th B'ak'tun cycle within the lengthy count number of the Mayan calendar. many of us believed this date to mark the top of the area or, not less than, a shift to a brand new type of worldwide realization. studying how a lot of the phenomenon relies at the ancient checklist and what sort of is modern fiction, the publication explores the panorama of the trendy apocalyptic mind's eye, the economics of the non secular market, the commodification of countercultural values, and the cult of superstar.

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The different quality of execution we discern in these two images reflects the prominence of their makers: by 1500, the Maya were in decay, their Classic florescence a distant memory, while the Nahua-Puebla civilisation was cresting, though in the shadow of the Aztecs. ” The Madrid chart implies the progress of time with sets of crude footprints, and the marching dots are relieved at each trecena, intervals of 13, by daysigns. Another set of 20 daysigns rings the central figure (just as on the famous Aztec Calendar Stone), though here they are out of order.

Few of them have any knowledge of the Maya themselves, nor of what they might have prophesied, or believed, or known, nor even the tiny fraction that we know, of their knowledge. Comparing what these modern writers project upon the ancient Maya to what the Maya actually did and said is like comparing Hercules to Pericles. It is like proposing the story of Snow White as an accurate record of daily life in Medieval Europe. In fact, so far as we know, the Maya never mention destruction, nor even a change, on that fateful day.

This practice provides comfort, confirming the notion that, despite evidence to the contrary, God really does have a plan. In our own past, early Christian theologians enthusiastically drew like parallels between the Old and New Testament, heaven and earth, and so on. Their worldview brooked no coincidences. For example, the four creatures in Ezekiel’s vision were seen as foreshadowing the four Evangelists, and much vituperative ink was spilled over which animal went with which Gospel: Matthew with a winged man, Luke with a winged calf, Mark with a winged lion, and John with an eagle.

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